Developed in conjunction with the innovative providers of natural organic reduction, the Cremation Association of North America announces a new training in Natural Organic Reduction Operations Certification. The certification is available online and on-demand for professionals to be their community’s resource on this emerging disposition method.

Since 2019, eight states have legalized human composting under the terms natural organic reduction, natural reduction, and reduction of human remains – one state even adapting the definition of cremation to include this new process. While CANA does not view NOR as a form of cremation, the association recognizes the profession’s need to have access to training on the memorialization that matters to the public. With pending legislation in an additional seven states, the public’s interest in NOR is growing quickly.

“Why is the Cremation Association of North America providing education on the topic of NOR when it’s not a form of cremation? The answer is simple: it is our job to inform and update our members to help them be as responsive as possible to consumer interests in both established and developing practices,” explains CANA President Robert Hunsaker. “That includes providing the latest information on new trends in technology and disposition.”

Each year, CANA’s Online Education courses provide certification, training, CE, and fresh ideas to more than 2,000 current and aspiring funeral professionals. Continuing to develop an informed and engaged workforce is central to CANA’s goal to ensure the public receives the same care, service and opportunities to memorialize no matter what disposition method they choose.​ Since NOR captured the public’s imagination, this new disposition method has gained a groundswell of support across the country.

“Thanks to years of work by lawmakers, regulators, and providers, human composting has been shown to be a safe, legitimate, and sought-after green funeral choice,” expressed Katrina Spade, founder and CEO of the first NOR provider Recompose. “Now, CANA’s new Natural Organic Reduction Operations Certification demonstrates that this climate-friendly disposition option is here to stay. Recompose is proud to have worked with CANA to create this course and excited to see the future of NOR unfold.”

The Natural Organic Reduction Operations Certification program provides an in-depth look at the NOR process, preserving chain of custody, and memorialization options so funeral professionals can remain their community’s expert in funeral service. Online and on-demand, this training is interactive and self-paced so funeral professionals can learn on their schedule and from their device, pausing and resuming as they need. When complete, the newly certified NOR operators will receive a digital badge and certificate in a format suitable for printing at the office and showcasing on a website and email signature to demonstrate their expanded knowledge to their community.

“It’s been so satisfying to work with CANA to produce this clear and comprehensive NOR Certification,” shared Jacki Myers, director of technical systems at Recompose. “Pairing CANA’s skill for operator certification and training with Recompose’s expertise in natural organic reduction has resulted in an excellent foundation for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of this green disposition option.”

What does it mean to earn your CANA NOROC? You have demonstrated your interest in and commitment to new continuing education. While it does not guarantee a job in death care, it does look good on a resume. CANA’s NOROC was designed to meet the anticipated certification requirement of states and provinces that legalize NOR. CANA is a recognized and valued brand, both within the industry and to the public at large, as an innovative leader committed to the future of the profession.

CANA has the technical, scientific, and legal expertise to support the NOR-curious community. Registration is just $250 with up to 4.0 hours of CE. Learn more about the CANA Natural Organic Reduction Operations Certification and demo the online course on the CANA website:

About CANA

Founded in 1913, the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) is an international organization of over 3,700 members, composed of funeral homes, cemeteries, crematories, industry suppliers, and consultants. CANA members believe that cremation is preparation for memorialization.

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