Thomas A. Parmalee

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Having covered the funeral profession for more than 15 years, I’m keenly aware of the challenges that funeral homes face.

I became familiar with the business working as an intern on the obituary desk at The Times of Trenton in the late 1990s. There, I got to know numerous funeral directors, including Stanley J. Winowicz Jr., owner of Winowicz Funeral Service in Trenton, New Jersey.

For my magazine writing course, I weaved together a profile of Winowicz, exploring his service in Vietnam, his struggles as a funeral director, and his commitment to honoring the dead while protecting the family name.

After graduating, I ended up getting a job at one of the profession’s top trade publications, serving as associate editor, editorial director and executive director. I met Robert L. Waltrip on the top floor of SCI headquarters in Houston. I had dinner with Mel Payne and company executives at Carriage Services. I sometimes called up Frank Stewart Jr. just to hear some of his wisdom.

As the founder of, I look forward to continuing my mission of keeping you informed – and helping you look ahead.

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