Sympathy Brands, which includes,,, Jewish Funeral Group, and others, is excited to announce Dr. Amy Schiffman, a nationally recognized expert in aging in place has joined the company.

Schiffman will work closely with the team to broaden Sympathy Brands’ educational support, seminars, training and resources for families and the death-care profession.

She brings extensive experience and knowledge to the company as she leads the curriculum development surrounding aging in place and provides guidance on supporting resources. She is currently the chief medical officer at a Jewish Human Services Agency, where she manages all aging in place services, including hospice, private duty / homecare, care coordination and the Holocaust Survivor Program. She previously served as an emergency physician, started a Medicare home-based primary care practice and served as a medical director at two hospices. She is both a board-certified emergency medicine physician with a medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine and a certified hospice medical director. She earned a graduate degree in public health from the Bloomberg Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and an undergraduate degree from University of Pennsylvania.

“We are thrilled and honored to have Amy leading such an important area of the company. Her expertise and experience will be invaluable as we continue to expand our offerings and support for both families and the death-care industry,” said Michael Schimmel, CEO of Sympathy Brands.

Schiffman will guide the team on the development and implementation of programs and initiatives. The primary areas of focus include adding educational seminars focused on aging in place, Medicare, and aging Jewishly, creating a library for end-of-life planning resources, including training materials and support for the death-care profession, along with family-focused tools such as guides, checklists, and other resources. Through,, and Sympathy Brands, she will be sharing and helping implement best practice guidance for families and professionals.

“I am excited to be a part of Sympathy Brands and to bring new and innovative resources to educate on aging,” she said. “Aging in place is a confusing and challenging topic, and it is exciting that Sympathy Brands is furthering the connection between families and the death-care industry with this new curriculum.”

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