Alan Creedy and Danny Jefferson, two funeral service innovators who host a popular podcast, shared a myriad of insights with guest speaker Bill Johnston on their latest episode of “Two Guys and a Question.

Breaking with tradition of hosting an episode in 12 minutes or less, Creedy and Jefferson dived in deep to social media and all its implications for funeral homes with Johnston, the author of “How Facebook Works for Funeral Homes” and the owner of Post and Post, a full-service marketing agency.

Johnston shared that he’s hard at work on a new book titled “The Consumers Journey to Purchasing Funeral Services,” which will be published in the summer. He will be speaking at the National Funeral Directors Association convention in October in New Orleans.

Jefferson shared that he’s known Johnston for 30 years and he “is really good people.”

During their wide-ranging conversation, Creedy observed that “emotion is actually part of the product and service that the profession offers the public.”

Johnston added that there are multiple types of buyers: an at-need buyer may have just been sitting in their car and learned that a loved one had died. They may enter your funeral home filled with emotion.

A preneed buyer, however, may just be a planner who has planned everything in their life – and a funeral is just one more of those things. Interacting with that type of customer will be much different, he observed.

“The job of the funeral professional – whether at-need or preneed – is to be sure the family is properly served and that the funeral home is properly compensated for what it does,” Johnston said.

Listen to their in-depth conversation in the latest episode of Two Guys and a Question.

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