Alan Creedy, a consultant who has served the death-care profession for more than 40 years, will be teaming up with Danny Jefferson, a longtime funeral director, to deliver an eye-opening presentation at the National Funeral Directors Association’s convention on Sunday, Sept. 10 in Las Vegas.

The title of their talk is “How Do You Drive a Tesla without a Battery,” which will focus on fairly radical as well as time-tested insights to drive funeral home volume — on a preneed and at-need basis. The duo will also share strategies to boost the average sale and build customer loyalty.

“We will do that by encouraging practitioners to stop focusing on what has changed and, instead, focus on what has not changed,” Creedy said. “The answer, once recognized, is simple and obvious, but we have become distracted.  The solution will not be solved electronically but relationally. Once this ‘aha moment’ is grasped, we will introduce the concepts of ‘radical hospitality’ to strengthen confidence and trust and build customer loyalty.”

Creedy shared some wisdom as well as a larger sneak preview of what he and Jefferson will highlight during their presentation in this exclusive interview with Watch it below or visit this link.  

Creedy and Jefferson are also the hosts of the popular podcast, “Two Guys and Question.”

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