The Cremation Association of North America continues its commitment to providing accurate and comprehensive cremation statistics to the death-care industry and consumers. With over 25 years of data collection from state and provincial vital statistics departments, CANA’s cremation statistics are widely regarded as the most reliable and current in the field. The latest reports for 2023 have been released, featuring final 2022 cremation data, newly released 2023 data, and projections to 2028 and 2033.

CANA’s research shows that the national cremation rate has grown steadily and predictably for the last 50 years, indicating that neither the recession nor the pandemic have influenced the growth rate on a national level. After decades of accelerated growth in the United States, CANA now begins to see evidence that the national growth rate is slowing, a common statistical occurrence after the rush of adoption cresting at 60.6% in 2023.


CANA’s 2024 Annual Statistics Report shows that the annual cremation growth rate is starting to wane. This supports the association’s observation over the past few years that the U.S. is entering a “deceleration” period of cremation, much like Canada where the cremation rate has surpassed 75.3% in 2023. This growth rate is now expected to slow — but not to reverse. The U.S. is following the Canadian trend with a 15-year lag indicating that the U.S. national cremation growth rate should exceed 75% as early as 2038.

CANA predicts that cremation rates will continue to rise until a projected plateau of around 80%. In 2023, CANA added a new color to the popular “heat” maps of U.S. and Canadian cremation rates, highlighting the individual states and provinces with cremation rates above 80%. The diversity of cremation rates persists across both the Canadian provinces and the US states. By 2033, CANA research predicts the cremation rate in all states will reach or exceed 50% with the national rate surpassing 70%.


The Cremation Association of North America publishes the Annual Cremation Statistics Report and other research to illuminate trends in the profession. This research is often used by the media to shape their articles and by CANA’s members to guide their future business plans. Derived from six data models, CANA publishes projections with accuracy, leaning conservative, to deliver reliable information to the leaders of the profession.

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