The Green Burial Council today announced changes in its leadership. With board president Ed Bixby’s resignation from the board on April 12, 2023, the board of directors of the Green Burial Council elected Darren Crouch as the new president over the Green Burial Council’s 501c6 certified provider organization.

Bixby, who has been serving the organization for the past 15 years, had an enormous impact on the Green Burial Council’s growth. Incoming board president Darren Crouch commented, “We thank Ed for his years of service and for all of the knowledge and passion he endowed to the GBC board and staff over the years.”

Crouch has been with the organization for eight years, providing industry insight and hands-on assistance at every opportunity. He recently stepped into the role of co-chair of the newly formed programs committee and is a valued member of the marketing committee. His passion for the green burial movement is a part of everything he does, and his collaborative spirit makes him a fantastic leader for this new chapter at the GBC.

Crouch co-founded Passages International, a supplier of eco-friendly funeral products in 1999. He has been published in numerous industry publications and has been quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. In addition, he has presented at several national and international conventions including the Asia Funeral Expo, the National Funeral Directors Convention, the ICCFA Convention and the CANA Symposium.

Caitlyn Hauke, president of Green Burial Council International 501c3, the sister educational nonprofit associated with the organization, commented, “There are many exciting things in the works that we look forward to working together with the Green Burial Council, Inc. on, such as; expanded programs for GBC members and the public, a scientific advisory panel and more. I believe that both boards of the GBC are aligned in our goals for the future, and I am excited about the opportunities we have to impact the death-care community. As we grow the green burial movement, we will continue to look to the death-care industry and our valued members, as collaborators.”

“The Green Burial Council has an ambitious agenda for 2023 and beyond,” Crouch said. “Building upon the tremendous work of Ed Bixby, our newly constituted board will quickly get to work certifying new providers, educating consumers, and driving growth for the natural burial movement.”

About the Green Burial Council

GBC consists of two distinct non-profit entities. Both organizations work together to further the movement toward more sustainable burial practices and support those who are actively engaged in green burial activities. The 501(c)6 certification and provider support organization oversees the certification of cemeteries, funeral directors, and product providers conducted by independent third-party experts. The 501(c)3 educational and outreach organization develops materials and opportunities for providers and the public to learn about natural burial.

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