Luke Frieberg, the president of eFuneral; and Mitch Smith, the company’s associate vice president of partnership development, are joining forces to deliver a FREE online seminar that will explore strategies to best position you and your staff to be in compliance of  the Federal Trade Commission’s latest enforcement of the Funeral Rule.

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Do you think you and your staff are always in compliance? According to the FTC based on their recent undercover operation, 39 funeral homes were not. The same could be said for almost 500 funeral homes across the nation spanning from 1996 to 2018.

During their FREE seminar, Frieberg and Smith will walk you through what we know about the FTC’s recent concentration on Funeral Rule violations, what it means for the future of funeral pricing and requirements and how a digital tool created specifically to help providers with compliance can be part of the solution to all of your worries.

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