Nearly 26% of U.S. households have human cremated remains in their homes according to the Cremation Association of North America’s 2022 Cremation Memorialization Research. That’s 21.9 million families with urns, cardboard boxes or other containers holding the remains of their parents, grandparents and extended family members.

None of these loved ones have been memorialized in a permanent way … so, how can we breathe new life into our cemeteries?

On Tuesday, Sept. 19, Foundation Partners Group Vice President of Sales Operations Cole Waybright will join Dan Cassin, account executive for Merendino Cemetery Care, to deliver a free webinar with strategies and tips to make your cemetery Built to Last: How to Breathe New Life into Cemeteries. They will share ideas for programs that will help attendees open doors to new markets and revitalize their cemeteries.

“It all begins with education – educating our teams that cremation is not the end of the death-care process, and educating consumers that today’s options for personalized, permanent memorialization are limited only by their imaginations,” Waybright said. “Those who own cemeteries must invest the time and money required to create areas dedicated to cremation families, while finding ways to seamlessly integrate cremation memorials within our traditional cemetery landscapes.”

As the U.S. cremation rate continues to rise, cemetery managers across the country need to change the discussion around permanent memorialization to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and profitability. This webinar will share how 30% of Foundation Partners Group’s interments involve permanent placement of cremated remains – a percentage that has doubled over the last five years.

The Cremation Association of North America is hosting the webinar as part of the annual World United for Life event. For more than a decade, ALPAR has united tens of thousands of people and hundreds of funeral homes and cemeteries from more than 30 countries to celebrate life. Join the webinar to provide a lasting tribute to life and memorialization in your community.

Take time to thoughtfully plan what will set you up for success in the years to come by tuning in to the webinar on  Tuesday, Sept. 19. One hour of Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice approved CE will be available for those who attend live.

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