Full-Circle Aftercare, a leading provider of aftercare services for funeral homes, is proud to announce its collaboration with Gather, a customer relationship management platform tailored for funeral homes. This strategic partnership aims to streamline operations and enhance customer service through automated reporting capabilities.

Funeral homes often face the challenge of managing aftercare services efficiently while ensuring personalized support for grieving families. By joining forces with Gather, Full-Circle Aftercare now offers funeral homes a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates their specialized service-based aftercare support.

This integration allows funeral homes utilizing both Full-Circle Aftercare and Gather’s case management platform to access automated reporting functionalities, simplifying the process of sharing information for aftercare services and maintaining clear communication.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gather to bring enhanced convenience and efficiency to funeral homes,” said Matt Van Drimmelen, owner of Full-Circle Aftercare. “Our joint efforts empower funeral home professionals to focus more on serving families with compassion, knowing that administrative tasks are being handled seamlessly in the background.”

The integration between Full-Circle Aftercare and Gather aligns with both companies’ commitment to innovation and excellence in funeral service support. By leveraging technology to streamline operations, funeral homes can devote more time and attention to providing meaningful experiences for grieving families.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration brings to the funeral service industry,” said Zach Chatterton, CEO/founder of Gather. “Together with Full-Circle Aftercare, we are dedicated to equipping funeral homes with the tools they need to deliver exceptional aftercare support and build lasting relationships with the families they serve.”

Funeral homes interested in leveraging the combined services of Full-Circle Aftercare and Gather can learn more by contacting Full-Circle Aftercare or their Gather representative.

You can learn more about Full Circle Aftercare in this FuneralVision.com profile.

About Full-Circle Aftercare

 Full-Circle Aftercare is a leading provider of service-based aftercare services for funeral homes, offering personalized support to families navigating the grieving process while settling their loved ones estate. With a focus on compassion and innovation, Full-Circle Aftercare helps funeral homes extend their care beyond the service, providing ongoing assistance and resources to bereaved families.

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