Funeral Directors Life, in partnership with Alan Wolfelt, has offered the successful Virtual Wolfelt Experience Training to funeral professionals for years. This training, which has been called “life-changing,” “career-changing,” and “transformational” by participants, was previously offered only to clients. Now, Funeral Directors Life is proud to announce that registration is open to funeral professionals nationwide.

“We are excited to expand this program to all funeral professionals,” said Kris Seale, president and CEO of Funeral Directors Life. “For several years, we have worked closely with Dr. Wolfelt to promote the value of a healing and meaningful funeral through the Wolfelt Experience training workshops, CE programs, and an educational consumer website, Our training workshops were previously exclusively for our customers, but now any funeral professional will be able to register for a workshop and receive this valuable training.”

Wolfelt, an author, grief educator and founder of the Center for Loss and Life Transition, has dedicated his life to coaching funeral professionals, social workers and medical practitioners on how to help families grieve in a healthy way and move from painful internal grief to healthy outward expressions of mourning.

“I have known and respected Kris Seale, the CEO of Funeral Directors Life, for many years, and I found FDL to be a great organization,” Wolfelt said. “The company possesses wonderful core values, ethics, and a similar passion for the importance of funerals. I’ve been very involved with the implementation of the program at FDL, and I’ve been pleased with the progress that has been made. I’m so pleased that FDL will have a large role in the future of ‘The Wolfelt Experience.’ I will continue in my role of mentor and consultant to the FDL staff, which is charged with getting the training out to funeral homes nationwide. I’ll be there to support their amazing efforts to provide this critical education to as many funeral service professionals as possible.”

“We are honored that Dr. Alan Wolfelt is entrusting us with taking his message to the entire profession,” added Seale. “We hope to continue to break new ground in educating families about the value of a healing and meaningful funeral service through this newly expanded program.”

To learn more about the Virtual Wolfelt Experience workshops, email the director of funeral service education, DJ Jons, at or go to .

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