FuneralVision has ridden a wave of success and transitioned from being located at to — just nine months after being introduced to the death-care profession.

Thomas A. Parmalee, the founder of the site, said the move makes sense.

“When I started the site, I wanted to come up with something memorable and that also said something,” he said. “FuneralVision seemed to me to be the perfect name, but the .com domain cost thousands of dollars … and since I was not sure how the website would be received, starting out with a .org address seemed to be the safer move.”

But within months of being introduced, the site was already garnering thousands of page views every month and has acquired 1,500 followers on LinkedIn.

Even more important, suppliers who want to give back to the profession have stepped up to support the site while it grows an audience. Parmalee thanked the following companies for supporting the site even though it’s still in the early days of gaining a following:

“All of these companies have just been tremendous,” Parmalee said. “It’s only because of them that I’ve been able to make the site a more user-friendly destination by acquiring the .com address, which will only add to the site’s growth. A special mention has to go out to Welton Hong, Rick Gershman, Richard Martin and the entire team at Ring Ring Marketing for working with me on the site design and making sure the transition to the new .com address went smoothly.”

Parmalee assured visitors that even if they enter the .org address or click on links to previous articles, they will be redirected to the .com URL.  Eventually, however, the .org email address will be discontinued. Moving forward, emails should be sent to

“There are still a couple more spots to advertise on the site,” Parmalee said, noting that there are placeholders showing where ads would appear, so that partners can see where they would be featured.

“My whole strategy, however, has been not to focus on selling ads,” he noted. “The people who are advertising — I call them partners because they are so much more than advertisers — believe in what I am doing and want to support the profession by providing people with valuable information without paywalls. They know that if I continue to focus on sharing great content and doing things the right way, the traffic will come.”

In the future, FuneralVision may add new features, such as webinars, on-site events and other content to help the profession, Parmalee said. “For now, I plan on focusing on the basics and doing those well as the site gains an audience,” he said. “But you can bet that I’m always thinking about providing more value and talking to others who share my mission and passion for moving the profession forward. Anyone who knows me knows I have big ideas.”

Parmalee urged suppliers and funeral professionals to put on their list of places to send news. “Whether you are a supplier, a funeral director, a crematory operator, preneed salesperson, cemeterian or a friend to the profession, I want you to keep me in the loop,” Parmalee said. “ is here to educate and inform, and it’s great to see how everyone has rallied around it — and part of that has included and will include sharing your news. For those who like to write, I also invite them to reach out to me about contributing content to the site.”

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