In PwC’s 2021 Global Consumer Insights Survey, more than 50% of all global consumers who responded say they’re making more decisions keeping environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices in mind.  Meeting the needs of these consumers drives innovation, so the Cremation Association of North America’s 2024 Symposium is exploring all things green to help you reach this growing market.

Join CANA Feb. 14-16, 2024, at The LINQ Hotel + Experience in Las Vegas to discover new ideas for your business.

The Green Solutions session will provide a platform for suppliers to showcase their innovative products and services that cater to eco-conscious consumers. This Supplier Solutions Panel will feature industry leaders who have successfully incorporated green and sustainable elements into their offerings. The panel includes:

  • Tim Collison, CEO of The Dodge Company, will reveal how Dodge has diversified its products and services to meet the demand for green and sustainable cremation and embalming options.
  • Darren Crouch, president and CEO of Passages International, Inc., will showcase sustainable and biodegradable urns and introduce the company’s geo-tagging service.
  • August Esposito, account manager for Implant Recycling, LLC, will discuss how oxygen monitoring control panels and electric cremation can significantly reduce nitrogen oxides in the cremation process, contributing to a more environmentally-friendly approach.
  • Rachel Essig, treasurer of the Green Burial Council, will describe certification programs for burial grounds, funeral homes and products that demonstrate their environmentally friendly practices to families.
  • Neil Sherrin, vice president of sales for Plotbox, will demonstrate how cloud technology solutions contribute to reducing the environmental impact of running a funeral business.

Remember, finding the right solution for your business is only step one. That’s why presenters and attendees alike will share their experience in Pursuing Green – Lessons Learned: Business and Marketing Strategies for Going Green. Lindsey Ballard, owner of Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation in Minnesota, will share her business strategies and lessons-learned from adding alkaline hydrolysis to her business. Nicki Mikolai, licensed funeral director and sales manager for Resomation America, will share marketing expertise and tips for developing a strong social media presence in the green space.

The symposium will keep the conversation flowing with insights from leaders across funeral service:

  • The keynote session will help you lead through the Stressors of our Time and How We Can Thrive Despite Them from leadership coach Janice Honeycutt Herring.
  • Liza Altenburg will share a suite of tools in Selling with Sensitivity to cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships during the arrangement conference.
  • Exploring Green Part 1  will feature Taelor Johnson, who will share practical tips on marketing and communications and Landon Elder of Starmark will debut the company’s new research on Ceremonial Rental Casket use.
  • In Exploring Green Part 2, Jessica Wakefield will reveal what went into launching SCI’s new holistic funeral home and Darren Crouch of Passages International will share a case-study on green options that raise the bottom line.
  • Because the CANA Symposium is your chance to explore solutions for your business, the experience will close with everyone’s favorite Roundtable Discussions.

How can you reach the growing marketing for environmentally-friendly products and services? Explore new solutions and head to the CANA 2024 Cremation Symposium, Feb. 14-16, 2024, at The LINQ Hotel + Experience in Las Vegas. Visit and register to explore green solutions that work for your business and your families.

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