The newest edition of Homesteaders’ Preneed Motivators report is now available to download.

Since 2006, Homesteaders has gathered data from Homesteaders’ policy owners to uncover key information about what motivates them to prearrange. It’s all part of the company’s continuing effort to help funeral home owners make more informed decisions and better position themselves to meet the evolving needs of client families.

In the updated and redesigned seventh edition, you will learn about the demographics and behavior of people who prearrange, see how they progress through the consideration process and better understand what happens to consumers during and after prearranging.

Download the latest edition to be among the first to access the digital publication and find practical suggestions, based on data, about how to:

  • Strengthen your relationships with current client families.
  • Connect with new families.
  • Leverage Homesteaders’ tools to grow your business.

Get your Preneed Motivators report today!

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