A trade journalist who has served the death-care profession for more than 15 years recently launched FuneralVision.com, an interactive online portal to arm funeral directors, crematory operators, cemeterians and their allies with insights and analysis to optimize business operations.

Tom Parmalee, who was the architect of numerous conferences and networking events for the profession during his years at a collection of journals centered around funeral service and cemetery operations, founded the site to continue his mission to keep death-care professionals informed.

“I started FuneralVision.com with a singular intent: to provide news, analysis and guidance to those who make it their mission to honor the dead and comfort the living,” Parmalee said.

The site, which is in the midst of a soft launch and targeting a full launch as 2023 begins, will add a variety of features in coming weeks and months, including:

  • Guest articles from thought leaders throughout the profession.
  • Interviews and profiles of innovative and/or interesting funeral directors.
  • Analysis of quarterly earnings reports from publicly traded companies such as Service Corporation International, Carriage Services, Park Lawn Corp., Matthews International and Hillenbrand.
  • Insights on preneed, marketing and succession planning.
  • Best practices on serving families that prefer cremation.
  • Virtual and/or onsite events to help death-care professionals serve and succeed.

“While the site has a Support button for visitors to back our efforts, I only want people to contribute if they really feel like they are getting value out of FuneralVision.com,” Parmalee said. “The bottom line is this will be a free portal where death-care professionals can learn and network. If some want to donate and support my efforts, then that’s great, but I know all too well that many funeral homes are struggling. I want to help.”

One of the industry experts who shares his concern for the livelihood of the professionals who make it their mission to serve grieving families is Welton Hong, CEO and founder of Ring Ring Marketing, Parmalee said. “Welton is a friend, and when I reached out to him to share my idea about FuneralVision.com, he supported me 100%,” Parmalee said. “His team, including Rick Gershman, has been great to work with as we’ve bounced ideas off each other and developed the platform.”

FuneralVision.com will be updated regularly and includes a sign-up feature to be notified when a new story is added. There is also a comment feature that allows death-care professionals to share their thoughts on articles and exchange ideas.

Advertising and Submitting Articles

The portal is offering advertisers the chance to be featured on the site, which will provide content to visitors for free.

Learn more about advertising.

Thought leaders from the death-care profession are welcome to submit articles to FuneralVision.com for publication consideration by emailing Parmalee at Tom@FuneralVision.com.

“I also hope to hear from death-care professionals with their story ideas,” Parmalee said. “If you’re a funeral director, cremationist or cemeterian with a great story to tell – or you just want me to chase something down, please reach out to me.”

Visit FuneralVision.com at https://www.FuneralVision.com. Contact Parmalee at Tom@FuneralVision.com.

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