@need Marketing, known for its comprehensive approach to helping funeral homes reach more families, is taking its online marketing services to the next level in 2024 by appointing a new digital marketing manager.

Jansen Lenzi has joined the @need team to lead the charge on using the latest digital tactics to generate leads for partners.

Lenzi will coordinate the digital marketing campaigns for all partners, which include tactics such as pay-per-click advertising, Google’s Local Service Ads, search engine optimization, over-the-top advertising and more. His strategic guidance will work in harmony with the specific goals of each funeral home and provide partners with complete confidence that their digital marketing budget is being fully optimized for maximum ROI.

Lenzi’s training in business management along with his experience running high-performing digital marketing campaigns have contributed to his successful reputation as a subject matter expert. It was while working as a senior SEM analyst with a Kentucky-based digital marketing agency that Lenzi came into contact with Michael Anderson, president of @need Marketing, and Faith Bennett, manager of account strategy. (Anderson is pictured at top with Lenzi)

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michael and Faith in those early days,” said Lenzi. “I knew when working with the team, they were working toward something special … I hoped that one day an opportunity would open for me with @need. I greatly appreciated their values and approach to marketing, and I felt it was something I wanted to be a part of.”

After leaving the agency, Lenzi took the next step in his journey at the University of Cincinnati as a digital marketing manager in 2021, though he never lost contact with the @need team. After three years helping the university optimize digital campaign strategies and ascending to the position of senior digital marketing manager, the time was right for he and the @need team to finally come together.

“I grew up in a family-run small business and I understand how important it is to deliver on the goals you have set forth as a business,” Lenzi said. “It’s going to be extremely fulfilling to work with partners and help them achieve the results they are looking for while helping them understand how we got there and how we will continue to deliver.”

Years in the making, @need is excited to share the news of this addition to their team and looks forward to the many opportunities Lenzi’s expertise will bring for their partners.

@need Marketing is a full-service agency that supports funeral homes’ complete offline and online marketing needs. With custom creative, buzzworthy public relations, data-driven campaigns, show-stopping videos, and effective online marketing strategies, they help funeral service providers reach more families and become their community’s go-to funeral home. Learn more at atneedmarketing.com.

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