According to a 2023 survey of National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) members, nearly half (45.9%) plan to retire within the next five years; however, less than a quarter (23.7%) say they have a succession plan in place. Just under one-third (29.8%) were fully confident in their business’ ability to withstand a major disruption. To help association members grow their business, acquire their first funeral home or begin planning their exit strategy, NFDA has endorsed Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group to provide business consultation and succession planning services.

“As funeral directors, our expertise lies in caring for families grieving the death of a loved one,” said NFDA President Jack Mitchell. “Thankfully, there are trusted experts like Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group who can provide the critical guidance we need to successfully run our businesses. Both companies have decades of experience helping funeral home owners build flourishing businesses and, when the time is right, begin the succession planning process. We’re thrilled to add these two fine organizations to our elite roster of Endorsed Provider Partners so that our members can get ahead – and stay ahead – of the curve in their business and build a legacy of which they can be proud.”

As with all NFDA Endorsed Providers, Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group will offer exclusive benefits and perks to NFDA members, such as discounts on fees, complimentary registration to events and more.

The suite of services available from Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group differ, and the teams that work at each organization have different skills and approaches to the unique challenges that funeral homes face. NFDA recommends having conversations with representatives from both companies to find the partner that will be the best fit for you, your aspirations and your business.

“We could not be more excited to partner with NFDA and Johnson Consulting Group,” said Chris Cruger, CEO of Foresight. “Almost 50% of funeral home owners will be looking to transfer their business within the next five years and the great majority of owners do not have a plan. With a little bit of planning, the options expand considerably. In fact, we find that the difference between a well-planned exit and one that is not can be as much a 20%.”

“I’m thrilled to be a part of NFDA’s initiative for successful succession with private funeral business ownership,” said Jake Johnson, President and CEO of the Johnson Consulting Group. “It is never too early to plan and with this new partnership, we can be there to provide this valuable benefit to the members when needed they most.”

To learn more about NFDA’s Endorsed Provider Partnership with Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group – and to learn how to contact both organizations for an initial conversation – visit or call an NFDA Member Services Representative at 800-228-6332.

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