For over two decades National Guardian Life Insurance Company has been offering continuous insurance coverage and peace of mind for the residents of Michigan. When other preneed insurance carriers stopped selling preneed insurance in Michigan due to the highest Consumer Price Index rates in over 30 years, making providing preneed insurance unprofitable, NGL remained because of its dedication to helping people face life’s financial challenges with confidence, dignity and grace, according to a news release from the company.

The recently signed Michigan Senate Bill 268 repeals the requirement that death benefits on preneed insurance policies be annually adjusted by at least the rate of inflation as measured by the CPI. This bill will only impact new policies going forward and NGL will continue to honor the language regarding CPI in its existing policies. The passing of SB 268 benefits funeral homes in Michigan because it will give funeral homes more options. It is also valuable for families because they will be able to continue prepaying for their funerals in Michigan with insurance as an option.

“We are committed to our funeral home partners and the families they serve. When other preneed insurance carriers were leaving Michigan, NGL stayed because we are a dependable organization that believes in keeping its promises to our partners. We were there for you then and we will continue to be there for you,” said Jeremy Ragsdale, executive vice president, chief marketing officer at NGL. “As a leader in providing preneed insurance solutions, NGL’s stability, reassuring guidance and integrity are at the heart of our relationships.”

In only the last five years, NGL has paid more than $143.4 million in preneed claims to 31,310 families in Michigan. Because NGL remained offering families the option for preneed insurance coverage, they had access to a valuable financial resource.

“We genuinely appreciate the trust and support we have received from funeral homes all over the state of Michigan for the past 26 years,” said Jennifer Kaset, vice president, sales and business development at NGL. “It is exciting that we can finally offer a variety of products to support the families they serve while continuing to honor the business they have trusted us with over the years.”

NGL has been extremely active for many years in supporting the efforts to get the bill passed. Mark Neidinger, assistant vice president, associate general counsel and assistant corporate secretary at NGL, worked with the company’s marketing partners, including Jon O’Hara, CEO at Great Lakes Family of Companies and founder of the Michigan Preneed Coalition, who was a strong advocate for ensuring this bill was passed. Neidinger also focused his attention on meeting with legislators and speaking with the Michigan Governor’s office to address their questions and concerns.

Not only has NGL remained committed to Michigan, but it is also one of the first insurance carriers to file new preneed products. Once the preneed insurance bill was signed, NGL filed on Oct. 20, 2023.

“Continuing to serve Michigan’s residents is a true testament to NGL’s commitment to preneed. NGL believes in its products and stands with the people we serve. We wouldn’t be here without you. We understand what it means to serve others with a long term view in mind. When you work with NGL, you gain a partner that takes care to protect and complement the hard work you’ve put into your business,” said Cameron Black, vice president, sales and business development at NGL.

NGL is looking forward to bringing its suite of preneed insurance products to its partners as they work to meet the needs of their funeral homes and the families they serve.

“We are excited by the announcement that the Preneed insurance bill has been signed. It’s an honor for us to support funeral homes in Michigan all of these years and we look forward to continuing to work with you and help support the growth of your Preneed business,” said Judy Olson, vice president, sales and business development at NGL.

Preneed claims paid in Michigan from 1/1/2018-10/25/2023.

About NGL

Established in 1909 National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL) is an insurance company headquartered in Madison, Wis. Licensed to do business in 49 states and the District of Columbia, NGL markets preneed and individual life and annuities, as well as group markets products. Information about NGL can be found at


National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America a/k/a The Guardian or Guardian Life.

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