By Thomas A. Parmalee

Brant Fischer, the founder of Obit, a social platform that gives friends and family a place to come together around lost loved ones and also partners with funeral homes, announced on LinkedIn that the company has been acquired by Memories Group.

Memories Group, based in Melbourne, Australia, is an innovative global B2B/2C technology startup in the death-tech vertical, according to its website. “We modernize and digitize traditional experiences for families and businesses around the loss of a loved one. Memories creates industry-leading consumer focused digital products that operate across 195 countries with over 9 million members,” the site states.

Fischer founded Obit in 2020. He noted that he did so in an effort to make it easier for families to cope, both emotionally and financially.

“We created one beautiful space for family and friends to join in remembrance and share arrangements,” he said. “We helped fund funeral costs, raise money for charities and brought thousands of communities together for livestreamed funeral services. I’m proud of the meaningful work we did.”

The Obit website dubs itself “the modern obituary platform.” It adds, “Obit joins the community together to help fund funeral costs, provide relief to families in need or raise money for charity.”

The site also caters to funeral homes, allowing families to send flowers and giving them tools to livestream services when they can’t attend in person. Funeral home partners can post verified obituaries at no cost.

“As an Obit funeral home partner, we share revenue,” the site states. “Our platform has created a place for users to not only remember their loved ones but to directly send flowers and make donations.”

Moreover, the site allows funeral homes to generate leads. “Increase your funeral home’s online exposure with your Obit business page,” the site states. “Generate preneed and at-need leads by joining our funeral home directory. Boost SEO by increasing click backs to your website.”

Fischer noted that Memories Group and Obit are “fully aligned” in a joint mission to help families in a time of need. “That mission lives on with the team at Memories,” he said.

He added, “Thank you to our partners who range from generationally owned family funeral businesses to the largest private funeral home group in the United States,” he said.

Editor’s note: We reached out to Fischer for additional insights and will update this article if warranted.

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