PlotBox recently introduced a new AI-assisted obituary writer as the newest addition to its funeral home software solution.

 Accessed from within PlotBox’s case management module, the AI Obituary Assistant enables the automatic generation of personalized obituaries based on prompts about the loved one, with options to incorporate meaningful quotes and other information.

It also uses information on the deceased previously entered into PlotBox, such as relationships – for example, spouse or children, as well as booked service information to help create the most comprehensive obituary possible.

It then provides the ability to refine and recraft, helping to create a specially tailored and meaningful obituary.

 PlotBox Co-founder and CEO Sean McAllister said, “We are proud to be able to bring the AI Obituary Assistant to our growing number of funeral home customers. At PlotBox, we are deeply committed to the responsible use of AI technology in enhancing our services, while respecting the sensitivity required for the death-care and funeral industry.”

He continued, “We see AI transforming death-care management by introducing greater efficiency and offering new ways to support families during their times of need. That’s why we continue to embed many AI capabilities within PlotBox and have created a strong roadmap to utilize the many benefits it can provide within the solution as a whole.”

PlotBox Co-founder and CCO Leona McAllister said the AI Obituary Assistant harnesses the power of technology to enhance empathetic care. “An obituary is so much more than the notification of death – it’s the story of a life – a personal, lasting tribute,” she said. “With so many important decisions to be made at such a challenging time, composing an obituary that fully captures what a family wants it to, understandably, does not always come easily.”

She continued, “The Obituary Assistant has been designed to alleviate some of that burden for the family while allowing funeral professionals to focus on caring for them. And as Sean said, this underpins our approach to the use of AI across our products and services – rather than replacing that all-important person-to-person human touch, the two can work in harmony to harness the strengths of both.”

Cemeteries and crematories can have access when upgrading to the cases module, and the company is developing cross-functionality with its EverAfter digital engagement platform, allowing for obituaries to be displayed online alongside a range of digital materials such as memorial cards and photographs.

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About PlotBox

PlotBox is the innovative cloud-based digital death-care management solution that enables cemeteries, crematories, and funeral homes of every size to serve better, save time, increase revenue, reduce risk, and sustain long-term growth. Headquartered in Northern Ireland, with on-the-ground representatives in the United States and Australia, its 120-strong and growing multidisciplinary team of experts provides the same professional levels of service and satisfaction across the globe.

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