Values are only valuable when they are authentically lived. Based on that idea, preneed sales and marketing leader Precoa recently honored the people who embody the company’s mission and values.

The awards were determined through a peer-nomination process that included hundreds of nominees. Each award winner was announced with a heartfelt introduction illustrating how they exemplified Precoa’s values.

“People are central to our purpose of enriching life through meaningful connection,” said Michael Hornibrook, president of Precoa. “I’m humbled and grateful for all the talented people at Precoa and their commitment to our shared values.”

The company recognized the following individuals for their authentic embodiment of Precoa’s set of core values and beliefs:

Regional Director Sean Riley earned the Never Stop Progressing Award. Each year, advance funeral planners in his territory thrive due to his coaching and leadership, and this was especially true in 2022. He has been unwavering in his attentiveness and regard toward others, regardless of the circumstances. He is also a Marine who currently serves in the Army Reserves.

Ashley Hauser, business development senior manager, was honored for Aspirational Drive and Commitment.  She helps onboard new Precoa partners so they can begin preplanning more families. She is an invaluable member of every team she is on, always reviewing how she can be better, anticipating potential issues and addressing them before they surface.

Always Act In Kindness winner Joe Hill was honored for being intentional about reaching out to both new and veteran employees to recognize them for the good they do. Hill, a senior planner with Precoa’s first-in-the-industry Funeral Planning Center, is a beacon of kindness and positivity. “I believe Joe makes it his mission to uplift others around him, and he does it beautifully,” says FPC Director Matt West.

Faith Bennett, agency account strategist for @Need Marketing, earned the award for Working Together With Trust. She was described in one nomination as “the kindest, most positive person I know.” She keeps people’s trust by going the extra mile to do things for her team and purposefully attends events and meetings to get to know the business better.

Taylor Surby, manager of account operations, is “the most open and inclusive person, always trying to get to know new people,” her nomination for the Enjoy Connection award states. “Her positivity brings out  the best in people.” She not only shows kindness within Precoa, but her work for Precoa Gives Back allows communities throughout Portland and across the country tofeel her love and grace.

Senior Brand Copywriter Sean Wheaton was honored for Results-focused Craftsmanship. He has gone above and beyond to craft the voice of Precoa and create compelling, thought provoking, and meaningful copy in nearly all aspects of Precoa’s reach. He always makes the time to lend his talent and skills to projects that are much larger than his specific role.

Corporate strategist Maurnet Kingston “fully exemplifies” the Thoughtful Problem Solving award. There is no problem too ambiguous or complex for Kingston. She finds a productive path forward, and is an incredible critical thinker, always focused on the people at the center of her work.

For the first time, Precoa honored a Precoa Life Ambassador. Amanda Wheaton, recruitment marketing associate, was recognized by her peers for the ways in which she champions Precoa Life principles and applies them to any team. She approaches problems with humility, energy, and positivity, and has been instrumental in
transforming how the company attracts top talent.

To learn more about Precoa and its values-driven workplace, click here.


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