On Jan.26, 2024, Texas Banking Commissioner Charles G. Cooper issued an emergency order to seize prepaid funeral accounts and records against Cremation Service International, Inc., doing business as Arlington National Funeral Home, in Houston, Texas.

The order, which is effective immediately, cites various violations of the Texas Finance Code. The order requires the records of the respondent to be turned over to the department. The order also requires bank accounts holding money paid to or collected by Respondent on trust-funded, prepaid funeral benefit contracts, to be frozen.

According to the order, the registered agent of the business is Peggy L. Murphy.

The order states, “Since May 31, 2011, Respondent’s permit has been restricted pursuant to Texas Finance Code § 154.107, thereby prohibiting Respondent from sales of new prepaid benefits.”

It also notes, “On July 31, 2023, Respondent received a request from the Department for records required for the Department’s examination of Respondent pursuant to Texas Finance Code § 154.053. Respondent has never provided the requested records needed for the Department’s examination, despite numerous follow-up attempts from the Department, including an in-person visit to the Respondent’s funeral home during normal business hours, at which the premises were locked and not open. The Department has been unable to complete the examination due to Respondent’s non-responsiveness.”

According to the order, “Respondent’s December 31, 2022 annual report indicated that it had twelve outstanding PFBCs with a balance of $17,833.44, including interest.”

View the full text of the order.

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