Time is running out to register for Trend ReCON, which will be Jan. 15-16, 2024, in Tampa, Florida.

The event – hosted by Tribute Technology – will feature an array of experts determined to help funeral professionals improve the way they conduct business.

The faculty will answer questions such as:

  • How can you meet evolving expectations with less staff?
  • What is first-party data and how can it turbocharge funeral home operations?
  • Can you use artificial intelligence without losing the personal touch required in funeral service?
  • How can you most effectively deploy advertising dollars?

Headlining the event will be Courtney Gould Miller (pictured at top), the chief customer officer of Tribute Technology. She will be joined by the firm’s CEO, Charlie Cole, as well as Matt Powell, chief technology officer at Tribute Technology; Dani Giandomenico, founder and CEO of IXIS; Kyle Brown, founder of Lone Star Bloom; and Tony Orelli, founder of The Growth Council.

The event is sponsored by Legacy Touch, MKJ Marketing, Domanicare, Homesteaders Life Company and ASD – Answering Service for Directors.

The cost to attend is just $395 if you register by the end of 2023.

Register here.

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