Starmark Funeral Products has added the Chaise Bed Viewer 27” – Pine to its original lineup of Canyon Brown, Cherry Mahogany, and Walnut models, according to a news release.

With its one-time use insert, the Chaise Bed Viewer equipment is positioned as an affordable cremation container for identification viewings and private farewells.­ To complement and expand Starmark’s increasing Chaise Bed Viewer line, the Chaise Bed Viewer 27” – Pine will sport a new green burial and cremation-friendly Nature’s Way bed viewer insert.

The bed-like Chaise Bed Viewer is designed with intuitive viewing in mind to provide families trending toward direct cremation with an option for identification of a loved one or a private, final goodbye with close friends and family.  The Chaise Bed Viewer – Pine’s exterior styling features a natural finish with a water-based clear coat and simple stationary wood handles and is an affordable alternative to other direct cremation containers.

“Many direct cremation-choosing families believe the body is cremated without considering issues related to body handling, such as storage, transportation, safety, and positive identification,” said Arie Elder, vice president of merchandising for Starmark Funeral Products. “Educating families and providing intuitive cremation-friendly options will allow funeral directors to discover a great benefit when understanding that one or more immediate family members will want to identify their loved one or hold a brief goodbye in a comfortable setting”.

Any Chaise Bed Viewer, paired with the Nature’s Way bed viewer insert, provides an environmentally friendly option for families opting for greener cremation or green burial. Crafted from all-natural materials, this insert features an interior lined with unbleached cotton fabric and equipped with cotton straps.

This commitment to eco-friendly materials ensures that families can make a responsible choice without sacrificing the dignity and comfort of their loved ones. By pairing any Chaise Bed Viewer with the Nature’s Way bed viewer insert, eco-conscious families can reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable practices, all while providing a respectful and elegant setting for their final goodbyes.

About Starmark ProductsSince 2004, Starmark Funeral Products has provided Sensible Solutions for cremation. Starmark Funeral Products prides itself on providing environmentally conscious, innovative, economical, and high‐quality products so that funeral professionals can focus on what matters most: allowing families the opportunity to lay their loved ones to rest in a dignified manner.  

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