Welton Hong, founder and CEO of Ring Ring Marketing, announced that Steven Haren (pictured at top) has joined the firm as its director of sales.

In this role, Haren oversees a team of sales representatives who develop new clients in the funeral service and cemetery fields — RRM’s primary focus. Additionally, Haren and his team are developing opportunities in RRM’s two new divisions, Hospice Haven Marketing and Senior Care Marketing Max.

Haren has a wealth of skills and knowledge in digital marketing strategies, in addition to his sales, marketing and coaching experience. He’s the perfect fit to guide RRM’s sales strategy as it invests deeper into funeral home and cemetery fields along with senior care and hospice.

“I’m extremely excited to be joining Ring Ring Marketing as director of sales,” Haren said. “Welton and his team have a well-established, sparkling reputation for the work they do, and I am honored to be able to be a part of the team.”

Haren continued: “I believe the combination of my experience and Ring Ring Marketing’s capabilities and reputation will make for an exciting future of helping even more businesses exceed their goals and generate tremendous ROI.”

Said Hong: “I’m beyond thrilled to have Steve joining the Ring Ring Marketing team and bringing his extensive experience to our efforts in deathcare and associated fields.”

He added, “Steve’s broad knowledge of digital marketing strategies, sales, and coaching make him the perfect fit for RRM’s growth strategy and its commitment to helping small businesses protect their market share and grow their firms.”

Welton Hong, founder and CEO of Ring Ring Marketing, said he’s thrilled that Steven Haren has joined his team.

Haren is a U.S. Army veteran who was awarded the Southwest Asia Service Medal with two Bronze Stars in May 1991 for his heroic actions in combat in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

He lives in Summerfield, Florida, with his wife Dee, and they have two adult children, Ally and Vic. Ally is an award-winning graphic artist who owns her own business, and Vic is a talented horror makeup and effects artist.

Haren notes that when he’s not helping small business owners with their marketing strategies, he enjoys ghost hunting and creating YouTube videos and other social media content about Florida and the lifestyle in the state.

He also admittedly tends to “geek out” over Halloween, transforming into Clark Griswold — Chevy Chase’s hapless dad from the Vacation films — during the holidays.

Ring Ring Marketing provides comprehensive marketing solutions for funeral homes and cemeteries across the United States. Simultaneously, RRM’s Hospice Haven Marketing and Senior Care Marketing Max divisions are expanding RRM’s reach into those industries in 2023.

Hong is a respected speaker at numerous industry conferences and a regular contributor to industry publications. He is also the author of several marketing books for the death-care profession.

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