Strategic Funeral Resources, the Ontario, Canada-based consulting company that helps funeral homes innovate and transform, recently introduced its social media advertising programs that start at under $100 per month, according to a news release.

Each program is available in one of two (standard and preferred) packages, and many offer exceptional customization features.

“We have long recognized the ongoing revenue challenges for our clients and developed a range of social media marketing options that allow funeral homes to spend significantly less on basic content and spend more on digital advertising to grow their market share,” said Curt Fitzsimmons, president of Strategic Funeral Resources.  “Spending more on delivering your tailored message to a wider audience versus spending significant dollars on generic posts four or five times a week only makes good business sense.  Imagine having high quality, personalized content at ultra-competitive prices that leave you enough cash to actually then promote your funeral home brand.”

The packages also integrate Strategic Funeral Resources’ proprietary Automated Virtual Arranger artificial intelligence software into the packages. By personalizing the funeral home owner or staff member, the AVA process takes the best types of human interactions – engaging, warm and emotional connections – and combines them with artificial intelligence technology to create a lifelike content viewing experience for your target audience.

“We have found that as demand for video content continues to surge, consumers who watch video ads are more likely to engage with that product or service.  Based on our experience so far, our original, customized content allows funeral homes to engage directly with families and differentiate themselves from firms that are posting generic content,” Fitzsimmons said.  “Telling their story on preneed, pricing, services, cremation, burial, memorialization, etc. is a major step in branding and communicating what the firm stands for and now they can do so for a lot less.”

SFR’s social media programs offer different types of customized videos, not just generic content postings. “The messaging in a number of our posts will focus on different aspects of life (senior activities, eating well, family relationships), not just preneed, caskets, urns, etc.,” added Fitzsimmons.  “Research has shown that seniors 55+ prefer to engage with companies who promote health and well-being and while funeral homes typically don’t do that today, we are planning on making that part of our message.”

Packages start at $99 per month without an annual contract for most packages. Packages include a minimum of one social media post per week as well as an annual online strategy session, free Facebook design, content updates, branded Holiday messaging, comment monitoring and much more.

To learn more about these affordably-priced social media advertising packages, visit Strategic Funeral Resources at

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