CANA’s Cremation Statistics Report Shows Continued Growth

The Cremation Association of North America continues its commitment to providing accurate and comprehensive cremation statistics to the death-care industry and consumers. With over 25 years of data collection from state and provincial vital statistics departments, CANA's cremation statistics are widely regarded as the most reliable and current in the…

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CANA Launches Digital Badges and Certificates

For 40 years, the Cremation Association of North America has provided training for the modern cremation business. From the very first crematory operations certification to online education courses to the newest CANA-Certified Cremation Specialist program, CANA has proved itself an innovative and forward-thinking association. Now, CANA has partnered with Accredible,…

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U.S. Cremation Rate Expected to Top 80% by 2045

The U.S. cremation rate is expected to increase in the United States from 60.5% in 2023 to 81.4% by 2045, according to the National Funeral Directors Association’s 2023 Cremation and Burial Report. When it comes to cremation, the report reveals Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado have emerged as frontrunners,…

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CANA Congratulates Almost 80 Certified Cremation Specialists

The Cremation Association of North America congratulates the nearly 80 funeral professionals from across the country who have earned the designation of CANA-Certified Cremation Specialist. Launched in 2021, this innovative program emphasizes the vital soft skills that make cremation a more fulfilling experience for families and successful for business owners.…

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