Darren Crouch, president and CEO of Passages International and a board member with the Green Burial Council, will share insights during a four-part webinar series that starts Wednesday, April 5. The series will highlight the impact of rising cremation rates on the funeral industry, threats and opportunities, and ways to boost cremation revenue.

It is absolutely free to attend the webinar series.

The schedule is below.

Session 1: Cremation – Threat or Opportunity?
Current state of the industry and how cremation is treated.
April 5 at 11am MST

“As cremation rates increase, revenues typically decline!” Crouch told FuneralVision.com. “Learn why this is, how it came about and how we can address it.” He added, “In the subsequent webinar sessions, attendees will learn about the Simple Bamboo Cremation Container that is being positioned as a replacement to basic cardboard, how it creates value and increases both customer satisfaction and funeral home revenues.”

Session 2: Better Cremation Containers
An in-depth look at the company’s Simple Bamboo Container.
April 12 at 11am MST

Session 3: Case Study – Replacing Cardboard with Bamboo
Passages will present a three-year case study of a funeral home that replaced cardboard cremation containers with bamboo containers, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.
April 19 at 11am MST

Session 4: Pathways to Success with Bamboo Containers
Strategies to incorporate bamboo as your minimum cremation container.
April 26 at 11am MST

Sign up for one, two, three or all four webinars here.


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