By Terri Chaplin, Master Grief Coach

Grief is an inevitable part of life, yet it’s often misunderstood and inadequately addressed. As funeral service professionals, you play a crucial role in supporting individuals during their darkest moments. By integrating professional grief support into your services, you not only enhance your business but also provide a lifeline to those struggling to navigate their loss. Let’s explore why offering grief support or partnering with trusted providers is essential and how it can be a beneficial addition to your funeral services.

The Role of Funeral Service Professionals

Funeral service professionals are more than facilitators of memorial services; you are often times the first connection in the aftermath of loss. You provide a space for families to honor their loved ones, but your role can extend far beyond the funeral service itself. By offering grief support, you can help individuals process their emotions, find comfort, and begin the journey towards healing.

My Personal Journey with Grief

Tyler Brett Mattingly, 09/01/1994 – 08/11/2012

Before diving into the practicalities, I want to share my personal story of loss and grief with you. In 2005, I lost my first husband to renal failure and seven years later, my son and only child, was killed in an automobile accident. The overwhelming sadness that accompanied those losses was unbearable at times and led me to feel misundersood and completely alone with my grief. When I lost my son, nothing could have prepared me for the emotional turmoil, not even the loss of my husband. The grief hit differently and the pain was indescribable. From that deep sadness, was born a desire within me to serve others facing similar heartache. I wanted to honor my son by supporting others in grief and to normalize grief so that others could find hope in the aftermath of loss. To honor his memory, I earned my certification as a Master Grief Coach and founded my company, “Living in Gratitude with TLC.” My mission is to dispel the many misconceptions surrounding grief, help others speak openly about their pain without fear of judgement, and empower them to rediscover hope and embrace life again. My personal journey through grief led me to understand the profound impact professional grief support can have in the healing process, and I believe funeral service professionals are in a unique position to offer this critical service.

The Benefits of Offering Grief Support
  1. Enhanced Client Care: Offering grief support shows your clients that you genuinely care about their well-being. This compassionate approach can set you apart from competitors and build long-lasting relationships with the families you serve.
  2. Trusted Partnerships: If you prefer not to offer grief support directly, consider partnering with trusted providers. This allows you to refer clients to professionals who can offer the specialized care they need, ensuring your clients are well-supported throughout their grief journey.
  3. Community Impact: By addressing grief comprehensively, you contribute to a healthier, more resilient community. People who receive proper support are better equipped to process their emotions and eventually give back to the community in meaningful ways.
Implementing Grief Support Services
  1. Training and Certification: Consider obtaining certifications for yourself or your staff. This ensures you provide informed and compassionate care. My accredited master grief coach certification program offers comprehensive training for those interested in this path.
  2. Partnerships and Referrals: Establish partnerships with certified grief coaches or therapists. This can be done as a white label partnership, allowing you to offer these services under your brand.
  3. Educational Resources: Provide clients with resources on grief and coping strategies. This could include brochures, online resources, or workshops.
  4. Follow-Up Services: Implement follow-up services to check in on clients after the funeral. This can be as simple as a phone call or an email, offering them continued support.

Conclusion: Transforming Lives Through Grief Support

Grief is a complex and personal journey, and professional support can make a significant difference. By offering grief support or partnering with providers, funeral service professionals can enhance their services, create additional revenue streams, and profoundly impact the lives of those they serve.

My journey through loss has taught me the importance of compassionate care, and I’m dedicated to empowering others to heal and allow joy to coexist alongside their grief. If you would like to learn more about my services or explore partnerships, please reach out to me at or visit my website at Living in Gratitude with TLC.

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