Tukios, the software company renowned for its dedication to quality, service and innovation, has announced a new standard in digital transparency. The company is empowering its funeral home website customers with the ability to export and download their data at the click of a button.

“We believe that we need to earn our customer’s business every day. To deliver on that commitment, we want to be the easiest company to leave if we aren’t meeting their needs,” said Curtis Funk, CEO of Tukios. “The data truly belongs to the funeral home, so they should be able to access it at their discretion.”

With the implementation of this new feature, users can now instantly download a comprehensive collection of their website data. The export includes all obituaries, guestbook entries, photos, testimonials, videos, service information, service locations and more.

In its news release, Tukios says the move sets it apart from others, underscoring its commitment to aligning business objectives with ethical standards. Tukios adds that the enhancement cements its position as a leader in transparency, trust and user-centered service.

Funk added, “Funeral homes have a right to their data. We see this feature as not just an enhancement but a necessity in our industry. We encourage others to follow suit.”

For more information about how to access this data, visit the Tukios blog.

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