According to the Resomation website, two businesses have recently emerged as pioneers in Europe, with one offering Resomation to the public and the other preparing to do so.

Located in the picturesque landscapes of Ireland, Pure Reflections brings an unprecedented level of sustainability and reverence to the forefront, according to Resomation.

Elizabeth Oakes, owner of Pure Reflections in County Meath, Ireland is now open and offering Resomation, the green environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremation and burial.

Often called alkaline hydrolysis, the trademarked name of Resomation is what the company describes as “water cremation,” which it says is “the gentle process of returning the body to ashes using water and a small amount of alkali-based solution to speed up the natural process the body goes through at the end of life.”

As a company dedicated to providing innovative, eco-friendly alternatives for final farewells, Pure Reflections’ Resomarium ushers in a new era of commemorating loved ones with respect for our planet, according to Resomation.

Oakes  recently appeared in the Irish media featuring on The Pat Kenny Show explaining how she came across Resomation, the process and why she believes Resomation is the future.  Listen here

Another Facility Gears Up to Open in The Netherlands

Resomation also reported another facility is available to view — this one in the The Netherlands, which is also a European country. It is not actually offering services to the public yet, however, Resomation reported.

Over 3,000 people visited the new funeral home across two days. Vincent Van Leest, ambassador for Resomation in the Netherlands and Sandy Sullivan, founder of Resomation, attended the opening.

t’ Vijfde Seizoen (the fifth season) Funeral home is located in Ommeren and owned by Erik van Zoest. Erik and his team transformed an old unused funeral home into a Resomatorium centre. The new restaurant has a professional kitchen providing all kinds of catering. Visitors were most impressed by the design of the basement with Resomator and viewing room.

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