Alan Creedy and Danny Jefferson, two funeral service innovators who host a popular podcast, shared a myriad of insights in less than 10 minutes in their latest episode of “Two Guys and a Question.”

Focusing on “The Why of What We Do” the two men had an extremely lively discussion on what motivated them to embark on a career in funeral service – and what has kept them invested in the profession after decades of serving others.

They use a Simon Sinek video in which he says, “People don’t buy what you do – they buy why you do it,” as a jumping off point for their talk.

Figuring out what motivates someone is something Jefferson has considered many times over the years, especially when hiring people. “Some things you can only hire from the skin … you can’t teach,” he said.

He noted that when he started off as a funeral director, it was because it was a profession that he could excel in even though he was an introvert. Over the years, however, he evolved and became more comfortable talking and interacting with people.

Creedy experienced an evolution as well, as he started in the business as he had an affinity for numbers and was absolutely determined to be a solid provider for his family.

“But as I evolved, my career gravitated more and more to actually working to help small businesspeople – that is where I get my greatest joy,” he said.

Jefferson noted that funeral service is a great place to be for those who want to help others.

“You are in a great place in funeral service to make a positive impact,” he said.

Listen to the latest episode of the “Two Guys and a Question” podcast.


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