Alan Creedy and Danny Jefferson, two funeral service innovators who host a popular podcast, shared a myriad of insights in about 10 minutes in the latest episode of “Two Guys and A Question.”

Focusing on how to tackle the challenge of there being “too much month at the end of the money,” the two men had an extremely lively discussion on how funeral home owners should manage money and debt.

As small business people, we have all experienced the anxiety of having to meet payroll,” Creedy said. “It’s no fun. While not completely avoidable, there are simple measures you can take to be prepared for dry periods.”

During the podcast, Creedy explained what working capital is and how much funeral home owners should have of it on a month-to-month basis. Creedy advised keeping about two months’ worth of expenses – and more for smaller funeral homes that may go weeks without serving a single family.

They shared a myriad of other insights on the podcast.

Listen to the latest episode of “Two Guys and a Question.”

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