By Thomas A. Parmalee

Alan Creedy and Danny Jefferson, two funeral home innovators who host a popular podcast, shared a myriad of insights in only eight minutes on their latest episode of “Two Guys and a Question.”

Focusing on The Power of Delegation,” the two men explored why it’s so important for funeral home owners and managers to delegate duties to their employees to enjoy work/life balance and to bolster operational success.

Creedy noted how lucky he was to once operate a firm where licensees insisted on doing everything themselves, such as ordering the vault, contacting the pastor and doing this and that. But not everyone is so lucky, he said.

“I don’t know if it is fear … or confusing busyness with being effective,” he said, commenting on the refusal or inability of some owners and managers to delegate.

He lauded Jefferson for his ability as a funeral home executive to delegate effectively, so he could spend more time in his community doing whatever he needed to boost market share.

Owners and managers need to find a better way, Creedy said.

“Most funeral home owners are extremely well versed in what the owner does not like,” he observed. “But most have no clue what the owner does want … so it is much safer for them to wait to be told what to do than to take initiative on their own to make their boss’s life easier.”

Jefferson noted how the best NFL quarterbacks have always been those who sat in the pocket, who were protected by their offensive line and who distributed the ball effectively. For the most part, they were not the ones who made things happen with their legs. They distributed.

Get more insights from Creedy and Jefferson on the art of delegation by listening to their latest podcast.

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