Unity Financial Life Insurance Co., a leading provider of Medicaid-compliant annuities and insurance products, announced a second increase to discretionary growth rates of its preneed products. On average, the growth rate will increase by another 50 basis points. These growth rate changes took effect Dec. 1, 2023, for any newly issued preneed policies. Since the first quarter of the year, many product growth rates are up over 1.5%, with some rates back up to 3%.

The top priority of the company’s preneed division is to provide financially sustainable and competitive products to its funeral home partners. “Our unwavering dedication to this goal is evident in the growth rates we pay, which have increased for a second time this year. Our commitment to delivering quality services and products to our funeral home customers, our marketing partners, and policyholders is a part of our mission statement,” said Ryan Walsman, vice president of marketing.

Jay Hardy, president and CEO, said, “Our company is committed to changing with the conditions in the market. The rise in interest rates over the last year has given us room to improve our products, and increasing discretionary growth rates is one of the main ways we do this.”

Unity Financial Life Insurance Co. offers a full suite of financial products considered exempt assets in the Medicaid application process. Medicaid-compliant annuities (Single Premium Immediate Annuities) and whole life products designed to fund funerals assigned to either funeral homes or the Unity Financial Irrevocable Funeral Trust help Medicaid applicants capture their maximum legal benefit when joining Medicaid. UFL is domiciled in Ohio and is licensed to do business in 48 states plus the District of Columbia. Learn more.

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