and Ring Ring Marketing are excited to announce a joint partnership that will recognize the Unsung Heroes of Funeral Service.

The recognition program will honor funeral home staff who go above and beyond to serve families and help their business succeed but who don’t always get the rewards and recognition they deserve.

“Unsung Heroes can be anyone, but the impetus for me and Ring Ring Marketing to introduce this program was our awareness that we need to do more to show our appreciation to certain staff,” said Thomas Parmalee, the founder of “We are thankful to be in the position to be able to do that. We can recognize these heroes on and tell everyone why they are so special. We can also provide cash – a gift card – to show that we really mean it.”

Welton Hong, the founder and CEO of Ring Ring Marketing, agreed.

“When Tom reached out to me and suggested we launch this program, I could see right away why he wanted to do it – and I could also see the need,” he said. “Funeral home owners and senior staff have a lot on their plate, and they want to recognize their unsung heroes, but sometimes, they may just get too busy managing the business,” Hong said. “We wanted to make it easy for them. The Unsung Heroes of Funeral Service recognition program aims to share the stories of how these staff members contribute to the profession, and just as important, winners will receive a $100 gift card to show them how much they mean to us.”

So, who is eligible to be nominated as an Unsung Hero?

“That depends,” Parmalee said. “ and Ring Ring Marketing will give all entries their due consideration, but we really do want people to nominate their staff members who may not always be the first to come to mind. They may be part-timers. They may be funeral interns or first-year funeral directors. They may be removal staff, administrative assistants, the cosmetologist, a greeter, an aftercare specialist or even the janitor who cleans your funeral home facilities and helps out with other tasks. They just have to be people who contribute to your funeral home, and they have to fit your definition of an unsung hero. If they fit your definition, they will likely fit ours as well.”

Welton Hong and Thomas Parmalee are raising a glass to salute hardworking professionals through the Unsung Heroes of Funeral Service recognition program.

How to Enter and More Details

Any fellow staff member, manager or owner can nominate an Unsung Hero of Funeral Service by submitting a form. Please provide as much information as possible to give your hero the best chance to win.

On a rolling basis – a maximum of once per month – the team at and Ring Ring Marketing will jointly decide who is most deserving during that period to be honored as an Unsung Hero of Funeral Service.

“I am so excited to hear about all the deserving staff who should be recognized,” Hong said. “The hardest part will be picking who to honor, as I know there are so many hardworking staff who contribute to the success of funeral homes. We look forward to doing what we can to show our appreciation for all they do.”

Each winner will be featured on

“I’ll personally be reaching out to each winner to learn more about their story, so I can share it with our readers,” Parmalee said. “And I know Welton will be reaching out, too.”

Nominate your hero today.

About is a free resource for death-care professionals that provides insights on honoring the dead and comforting the living. It was founded by Thomas A. Parmalee, who has been providing guidance to the profession for more than 15 years. Learn more at

About Ring Ring Marketing

Ring Ring Marketing is an innovative marketing firm renowned for its specialized focus on assisting funeral homes and cemeteries in generating more at-need and preneed calls, driving substantial growth for their businesses. It was founded by Welton Hong, who is passionate about helping funeral homes and cemeteries succeed. Learn more at

Welton Hong, founder and CEO of Ring Ring Marketing, is proud to be supporting the Unsung Heroes of Funeral Service recognition program. At right is Thomas Parmalee, founder of, which is teaming up with Ring Ring on the initiative.

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