I first connected with David MacMahan of FairSplit.com several years ago and was intrigued by what he was doing and saw that it may be of interest to funeral homes.

In this video interview, he quite candidly shares that his solution to help families divide estates has not developed the traction in funeral service that he hoped it would, but he’s not giving up.

So what is FairSplit.com?

The company has created tools to ease the emotional and practical challenges of listing and di viding estates in situations of death, divorce and downsizing. Too often a will reads: “And divide the rest equally among the children”, or a peaceful divorce gets tanked over face-to-face divisions. This creates all kinds of both practical challenges and emotionally charged negative possibilities. FairSplit.com helps divide fairly with its focus on providing transparency and inclusion for all parties, regardless of location or availability.

The company also offers¬† co-branded capabilities for strategic partners, law firms, family offices, appraisers — and yes, funeral homes, too!

Watch the interview here or below to learn more — and you can also visit the FairSplit.com website.

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