Daniel Hug, who has served funeral service at Selected Independent Funeral Homes and Ring Ring Marketing, has joined a new team of experts: He’s been hired as a business development at @need Marketing, according to a news release.

An Ohio native, Hug spent his formative years in the Buckeye State and attended Youngstown State University, earning his degree in hospitality management. He then went on to earn his MBA from Cleveland State University with a concentration in marketing. After several years in the hospitality industry, Hug made the choice in 2020 to move to Indianapolis and apply his talents to the funeral profession.

“It took me no time at all to understand that this is a really special line of work and a really special profession,” Hug said. “Funeral professionals play such an extremely important role in all our lives, and I value the incredibly significant work that they do on a daily basis. The connections they build with families are profound and so important.”

Hug was drawn to @need Marketing in large part because of the team itself, which has developed a reputation in the profession for working with “some of the best firms in the country” using a unique business model. Hug is excited to become a part of the small but mighty core team that forms the foundation of @need Marketing.

“I really like the fact that @need is a full-service agency,” Hug said. “I think it goes back to my hospitality background — I just hate telling people no! It’s wonderful to know that we can fulfill
any need a partner may have.”

Visit the @need Marketing website to learn more about the company.

You can also learn more about the company by reading this FuneralVision.com profile on the company.

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