Starmark, a leading manufacturer of innovative funeral products, has announced the acquisition of AMA (Airline Mortuary Associates) Containers in Houston, Texas.  The addition of the AMA Containers brand provides a more comprehensive offering of shipping container solutions to Starmark customers.

AMA Containers was established in 1991 by Jon Bumbaugh.  Bumbaugh had previously worked in the airline industry where he developed a professional mortuary shipping program.  His airline experience played an important role in pioneering many of the shipping products and processes currently used in funeral service for transporting human remains when he founded AMA Containers.

“Following the acquisition, I am delighted that Jon will stay on and contribute to the Starmark team as a consultant,” said Justin Davis, president of Starmark.  “We value the airline mortuary shipping experience that Jon brings to Starmark.”

Over the coming months, Starmark plans to improve and expand its product selection by combining the best features of both AMA Containers and Starmark.  The recognizable AMA Containers brand will be retained and used to categorize mortuary shipping containers within catalogs, pricelists, and the Starmark website.

“Both Starmark and AMA Containers are well known for providing excellent customer service and high-quality products to funeral directors throughout the country,” added Bumbaugh.  “AMA Containers customers are in good hands as the entire Starmark organization shares a genuine and singular focus on the needs of funeral directors and the families they serve.”

For more information about the complete line of Starmark products for burial and cremation, visit  For more information about AMA Containers, visit

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Since 2004, the Starmark brand has provided Sensible Solutions® for cremation. Starmark prides itself on providing environmentally conscious, innovative, economical, and high-quality products so that funeral professionals can focus on what matters most: allowing families the opportunity to lay their loved ones to rest in a dignified manner.

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