The Davis Whitehall Co., a  premier provider of personalized and customized urns to funeral homes in North America, has announced the availability of a new HeartFelt Tributes by Davis Whitehall Volume 4 catalog.  The new 120-page, four-color catalog offers new urns as well as personalization and customization options from Davis Whitehall.

Among the products and features highlighted in the catalog:
– Over 150 new urns showcased on the catalog pages, including new dimensional designs, an expanded eco-friendly series, and cremation jewelry.
– More urns are shown featuring personalization and customization.
– A loved one’s thumbprint can now be engraved on certain bronze and pewter-finished hearts and keepsakes along with the petals of engravable rose keepsakes.
– A separate catalog section offers Color Textured Printed pet urns for pet-friendly families.
– A personalization key is provided on the catalog pages, identifying the customization and personalization choices available for urns and keepsakes.

“Two things we continue to hear from funeral directors is that personalized urns are too expensive and cubic inch capacities are too small,” said Terry School, president of Davis Whitehall. “So, we have showcased more affordable personalized urns and added urn models that feature a capacity in excess of 235 cubic inches.”

The catalog also features Davis Whitehall’s Textured Color Printing® process. This innovative technique delivers a precise image with a raised, printed surface with a level of detail allowing families to touch and feel the image of their loved one.

“As the cremation rate continues to rise, many funeral directors are facing the challenge of how to compete with internet sales of urns,” added School. “However, the word ‘cremation’ should be a launching point for a discussion on services, not a roadblock. It’s key to initiate a conversation on the many customization and personalization choices available, and our catalog helps in this regard.”

As in the past, the catalog provides helpful hints on how to get the best results when customizing or personalizing a Davis Whitehall urn, especially when submitting a photo.  The catalog also shows the various images and type fonts that can be engraved on the urns.

The catalog can be viewed on the Davis-Whitehall website and at  Printed copies of the catalog are available by contacting Davis Whitehall at 800-818-8414 or emailing

About Davis Whitehall

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, The Davis Whitehall Co. is a family-owned business with an unwavering dedication to quality and service.  Founded in 1991, the company is recognized as one of the premier sources for handcrafted, laser-engraved hardwood cremation urns and cremation keepsakes.  For more information, visit

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