Tribute Technology, a leading provider of technology solutions for the funeral profession, recently announced a strategic partnership with C&J Financial, a leader in insurance assignment funding. Effective Thursday, April 25, C&J Financial will become the exclusive insurance assignments partner for Tribute Technology, taking over operations previously managed by the Tribute Insurance Assignments division.

This partnership marks a significant step in Tribute Technology’s ongoing commitment to providing seamless and efficient services to its clients. By aligning with C&J Financial, Tribute Technology leverages C&J’s extensive experience and specialized capabilities in processing insurance assignments. This collaboration ensures that funeral homes and their clients receive fast, reliable funding services from C&J and allows Tribute Technology to focus on building new and innovative technology solutions for the funeral profession.

“Tribute Technology is on a mission to create technology that helps funeral professionals run their business and better serve their families. Our partnership with C&J Financial is the perfect pairing between Tribute’s technology with C&J’s financial expertise to meet the evolving needs of our clients,” said Charlie Cole, CEO of Tribute Technology. “C&J’s reputation for fast, accurate, and dependable insurance processing aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver comprehensive, user-friendly solutions.”

All insurance claims processing for Tribute Technology clients will be handled by C&J Financial beginning from the specified date in April. However, the process for submitting claims will remain unchanged for Tribute Technology users. Clients will continue to utilize the existing platforms provided by Tribute Technology, ensuring a smooth transition and no disruption in services.

“We are excited to partner with Tribute Technology and bring our specialized expertise in insurance assignments to an even broader audience,” stated Jamie Meredith, executive vice president of C&J Financial (pictured at top). “This partnership allows us to focus on what we do best, enabling funeral directors to spend more time supporting families during their time of need which provides a better experience for the family.”

About Tribute Technology

Tribute Technology provides comprehensive technology solutions for the funeral sector, aimed at enhancing the way funeral professionals manage their services. Tribute Technology’s platforms offer a range of tools from payment processing to memorialization features, designed to streamline operations and improve the client experience.

About C&J Financial

C&J Financial is the leading provider of insurance assignment funding for funeral services, specializing in processing and funding life insurance benefits. With a commitment to quick, efficient service, C&J eliminates the challenges faced by funeral homes when accepting insurance assignments. By doing so, C&J empowers families to honor their loved ones while easing the financial burden during difficult times.

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